November 14, 2013

Being Grateful


A month ago our family was challenged to make a list of 1000 things we are thankful for. The list is AMAZING! It was intriguing to listen to the itty bitty details of gratitude from a child's point of view. There are so many blessings in all of our lives, the big all the way down to the very tiny. These blessings help us enjoy and carry on each minute, each day of our lives.

I love this free Give Thanks Banner from at Second street.

Simple Fall Leaf Garland

This leaf garland is easy to make and so colorful. You can create whatever colors or shapes you like.

To make about 3 yards of garland all you need is:
  • GOLD felt: 1/2 sheet (8 x 11")
  • BLUE felt: 1/2 sheet
  • ORANGE felt: 1/2 sheet
  • BROWN felt: 1/2 sheet
  • YELLOW embroidery floss
  • needle 
  • scissors

Kernels in a JAR

I am not very ambitious this year for Thanksgiving decor(but I do like to get my pie-making on!). I spotted a photo on Make and Takes- which was for a centerpiece... not a shelf (like mine). I didn't even add a candle, I filled up two vintage jars, put their lids on and called it good. Sometimes life is so wonderful when it's simple, right? 

Be Grateful. Give Thanks. Enjoy Life.

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