July 05, 2012

DIY Stained Glass with TISSUE PAPER - 2nd Grade project

I love summer! Yeah, so... it is now over a month since my kids' school is out and I am finally posting this gorgeous window art project that the 2nd-graders created! Frank Lloyd Wright is our inspiration for this stained glass project -but for the final project, you can see that they used their own creativity, since they are not familiar with his work. Although his works are real glass, ours are made of brilliantly colored tissue paper. This is an easy project for any age.

  • various colors of tissue paper 
  • black permanent marker
  • self-sealing laminating sheets

  • Collaborative Window Art: I had the kids get into groups of 3-4 kids and work on one sheet together.
  • First they drew onto paper with pencil their shape composition, tracing shapes or creating their own.
  • Next they placed desired color of tissue paper over their pencil composition, traced the shapes and cut them out.
  • After all the shapes are placed, seal the sheet carefully, and use a permanent marker to outline and make other designs! 

We punched holes each sheet and linked them altogether for one large stained glass window!

(You can hang them up in your window individually with tape or hole punch and hang with mini suction cup.)

They were so excited to see them attached altogether! 

As you can see, we have extra window space, so we made additional stained glass sheets(not shown).


I do NOT SPAM! You won't be sorry when you get the SUPER SECRETE SALES & SNEAK PEEKS!

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  1. What a beautiful project! The tissue papers look great as a substitute for colored glass.

  2. Beautiful! I'm definitely going to try this with my students! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Amazing creations..absolutely stunning

  5. I'm a new elementary art teacher in Memphis, and I love the idea! I'll be using this next week. Thanks for sharing.