November 02, 2012

A swarm of Sea Creatures! -tissue paper & paint {tutorial}

This is one of the most beautiful collaborative art projects that the kids have created yet! I absolutely love the way their adorable fish are swimming in the gorgeous blue ocean water...
There were 4 - 1st grade classes, with 80+ kids who collaborated. We used tissue paper & acrylic paint to produce this lovely, colorful artwork that hangs in their hallway. 

There are so many joys I receive & give from volunteering my time to help create art for these kids. One is that 2 of them are my own kids and knowing their excitement and appreciation. Another is seeing all of the kids in each grade so thrilled and proud of their artwork-that they contributed to such amazing artwork hanging in their halls. It does not matter the level of artistic ability or even capability each child has, but that each one has contributed and they are just as awesome as the others! An additional aspect I enjoy about creating art with the kids, is that any of our projects can be made at home in a smaller version.

Here's how we did it {tutorial}:

    Items you will need:
  • white tissue paper
  • various acrylic paint colors
  • black permanent marker
  • Mod Podge (and a brush)
  • 3 canvas or wood panels (white)

  • On a tissue paper I had them draw with pencil, then outline with permanent marker, and then paint their fish. They could fill up their paper with many sea creatures, or a few large ones, whatever they desired.
  • On a separate tissue paper they painted with several hues of blue for ocean water, some with waves, or bubbles or splashes...

  • I spread out the ocean water pieces, darker on the bottom and lighter towards the top. I then Mod Podged the water onto the canvases, overlapping each other a little. I had to work quickly because the tissue paper rips if you wait too long. Dry time is 20 min.
  • Next, I cut out each of their fish and Mod Podged onto the ocean water. I clustered their own fish near each other so they would be able to recognize all of their artwork together.

Just little ol' first-graders...

their imaginations...

and fish...

Look at mine!

Amazing KIDS
Amazing TALENT
Amazing ART

I do NOT SPAM! You won't be sorry when you get the SUPER SECRETE SALES & SNEAK PEEKS!

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  1. LOVE the fish mural! Can't wait to try it! Did you water down your acrylic paint?

    1. Thank you! I did not water down the acrylic paint because it would tear the paper. The acrylic with the tissue paper makes for a perfect layering.

  2. Just beautiful! I wish my kids were at a stage to draw their own fish so we could do the same!!

  3. cool art i will try it out :)

  4. I love this idea! thank you for sharing! :)