February 12, 2016

PRESIDENTS' DAY art project Part 2:George Washington on the United States Flag {Collaborative Collage Tutorial}

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This is an excellent collaborative art project for Presidents' Day! We created Abe Lincoln {Newspaper Abe tutorial here} a few years back, and then added to our collection George Washington & Thomas Jefferson recently. Once again we had about 80+ kids contributing to make each of them. 

This was a fabulous patriotic art project to participate in with the students. They were able to reflect on the history and using words that represent our country.

George Washington on the 
 American Flag

George Washington {Tutorial} on Canvas Material: 

overhead projector
president on transparency paper, Here: site for George Washington's image
canvas material to fit your image
canvas stretched or wood board (for the image to adhere and hang on wall)
black, red, & blue permanent markers
red & blue material markers
heavy books
large brush
plastic cling wrap

I used canvas material (can find at a any material store in bulk) instead of paper, for this project because I wanted it resemble the texture of a real flag. I regret I didn't end up with too many photos of this project while working on it with the kids. I had to watch them like a hawk!

1- Please first go to Newspaper Abe {Tutorial} to see all of the steps that I will not be covering.

2- First I projected and traced an image of Pres. Washington and then the United States Flag. I used black permanent marker for Washington and for the flag I used blue & red material markers.

3- Then I cut the blue rectangle with stars out, and the red stripes out of the flag. I didn't want the students to accidentally write on the white part of the flag or use red on the blue part of the flag or vice versa so we kept them in separate stations. (If you were to make this with an older group, you wouldn't need to cut it out. I would bet that they would not cross colors).

4- We wrote with various reds and blues with permanent & material markers to write PATRIOTIC WORDS & ALL 50 STATES.

5- Next I laid out the complete image onto the wood board, then adhered the canvas strips with Mod Podge one by one. I used plastic wrap and books, just like I showed you in the Newspaper Abe Tutorial. Refer to that tutorial if you have any questions on this process.

Hanging out together... drying... 

Abe Lincoln {click here for tutorial}, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson {click here for tutorial} getting ready to hang side by side on our school wall.


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