October 14, 2013


I absolutely love pumpkins - the color, shape, nostalgia, Halloween decor, and of course the many pumpkins desserts I can make or eat! Yummy. Our kids like to place them all over our porch during Halloween and Harvest time.

I'm going to be terribly honest and divulge that sadly, our garden this year  was almost completely unprofitable (frowny face). It was our first garden in Idaho since we moved from Oregon. Clearly I do not have a green thumb. 

Luckily, we were able to drive nearby to the Sutton family farm and buy their pumpkins. Yay! They are gifted gardeners and have many varieties of everything! Here are just a few of my favorite "Pumpkin Pretties" scattered throughout their lovely farm. Compliments of S. Sutton herself- she has a lovely eye for mixing natural objects and antique together.

Walk around, enjoy their farm as we did...

love the pumpkin-head scarecrow

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