October 08, 2013

Halloween "Sushi Roll" Garland {felt tutorial}

H A L L O W E E N . I S . H E R E !

I try to celebrate and decorate for Halloween in a "non-creepy" style for my kids- and for myself. We tend to make a few art projects & crafts each year to add to our Halloween decor. Lately I have a fetish with tissue paper and felt. Have you noticed? I spotted this lovely felt roll idea on the cover of Green Crafts for Children by Emma Hardy  and decided to make a Halloween garland instead. 

We made a birthday garland as a family (picture at the bottom of this post) and it only took an hour. This is the one of the easiest garlands you can make. You could make felt roll necklaces or bracelets too. I've seen a few wreaths covered in beautiful felt rolls for many occasions- These felt "sushi roll" projects are endless! 

Here is how I made this felt. Halloween. sushi roll. decor.

{sushi roll TUTORIAL}

Items needed:

  • material scissors
  • long needle 
  • 3 yards of yarn (or bakers string would be lovely!)
  • 10 - 8" x 11" black felt sheets
  • 5 - 8" x 11" white felt sheets
  • 5 - 8" x 11" orange felt sheets

  •  Cut felt sheets into 1 to 2-inch wide strips. (However wide you like) Cut the short length of sheet- 8 inches across.

  •  Layer 3 black strips and 3 orange strips and roll up. There will be excess.

  •  Cut off excess. ( I keep the excess for other fun art or sewing projects.)

  •  Make sure the needle and yarn goes through the middle of "sushi roll" so the roll won't slosh around.

  •  Repeat with alternate color. So easy right?

I wanted to hang my Halloween sushi garland across my front window outside, but my son (8 yrs)  "advised" me that it would get dirty. So it's inside on the wall. Wouldn't it be great outside though?

Another colorful garland we made as a family for birthdays and year-round kid corner decor. Now you know why I call them SUSHI ROLLS- look-a-likes! 

I think I'm going to make one for Christmas, hmmmmm...

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