September 20, 2013

Creating Your Own Painted Placemats {TUTORIAL}

I wanted to have my kids create table mats that could last a long time and remind them of "Family Good Times." So I asked them to think of a favorite family activity or a favorite food that we all enjoy. Then when they looked at them while sitting and eating at the dinner table they could remember the good experiences we have as a family! I also wanted them to create something with tissue paper (not achooo paper) and paint. I am completely obsessed with tissue paper and acrylic paint because the paint comes out so bright and colorful! I loved how these turned out, and I'm going to have my kids paint mine and hubby's too! This simple art project will last a long time for wonderful memories at the dinner table. 

This art project was featured in my favorite issue of The Sandbucket Issue 5 magazine. Visit Sandi's amazing blog at

There are so many possibilities, so let's get started.


Materials Needed:

  • pencil & eraser
  • blacker permanent marker
  • white tissue paper (gift paper)
  • acrylic paint & brushes
  • 11 x 17" hot seal laminate pouches (found at a copy & print store)
  • clear glue stick (optional)

Step 1:  Draw with pencil first on the tissue paper (tip: draw very lightly so the paper won't rip if you want to erase).

Step 2:  Trace your pencil drawings with black permanent marker.

Step 3:  Paint your drawings (tip 1: Paint lightly, so you can see the black outline. tip 2: Don't let your paint be so thick that it makes the paper rip. Make sure the tissue paper is not sticking underneath onto the surface as it is drying.)

Step 4:  Cut (adult help) out the paintings from the  tissue paper and arrange on inside the pouch. (tip 1: Dab a very little amount of glue stick to the back side of each object so they won't move. tip 2: You can cut along the black lines tight, or you can leave it as a sheet of tissue paper like we did for our 2 1/2 year-old. tip 3: Touch up artwork with permanent marker.)

Arrange your creation however you like. I took ours back to the store where we bought them to be hot sealed because it was included in the price (I kept my receipt).

As you can see, just about any age can paint their own. She has a lot of fun using her fingers and hands to paint!

Ages 2, 7, and 10 years old

Bon Appetit - Eat up! 

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