October 26, 2012

A little Halloween at our house - bats-spiders-eyeballs

The month of October... has been busy! If you look at my blog, it looks as if nothing has been happening in my life altogether. But if there is not much posted here, that means waaaaaaaahey too much has been happening (not to mention, I have the slowest high speed internet)! 

My kids begged to decorate for Halloween, and here are just a few of their favorites and mine...

(white crayon on black paper - 7 years old)

(I loved the feather wreath in our craft store, but didn't want to pay $40-so I hot-glued a feather boa onto a black foam wreath.)

The main bodies are made from painted egg cartons, legs from pipe cleaners, and open-mouthed photos of my kids. Eeeek!

I couldn't resist making this wreath that I found at Country Living. I tried not to make it too scary, I have little ones.)

I love this idea of white pumpkins with a message that has been floating around on pinterest.com, but of course I changed the message to my liking.

Have a...

H A P  P  Y   H A L O W E E N !

It's obvious, my kids enjoy painting on our windows whenever possible - which is okay with me!

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