October 26, 2012

Goofy Mixed Media Halloween Pumpkins! {tutorial}

We did this kid art project in my son's 1st grade class last week! These 1st-graders did amazing on their pumpkins ripping, glueing, mixing paint with their fingers, cutting, and creating faces- all in a little over 1 hour! 

This is the best art project to do with kids to help continue & develop multiple skills.  See how easy it was to create really silly pumpkin faces.(I found this idea from pinterest and that artist woman.)

Materials Needed:

  • various papers that can rip in strips (we used newspaper, wall paper, tissue paper & white paper)
  • black, green, white & black paper
  • red & yellow paint
  • paper plates for mixing
  • scissors
  • glue

  • have the kids RIP their own various papers in strips, then vertically GLUE securely to white paper -strips can be right next to each other or have spacing

  • give each their own plate of RED and YELLOW  paint to mix with their fingers - Yes, I said finger mixing! 
  • with their fingers have them apply their orange paint to their entire paper

  • let the paint DRY and then on the back of the painted paper have them draw a PUMPKIN shape and CUT it out

  • pre-cut paper for the EYES, MOUTH, TEETH, PUPILS, NOSE, & STEM so they can design and cut out their faces quickly...
Ready to make a FACE!


  • glue all the face parts on and glue the pumpkin to a black paper

These are hilarious & quirky! I laughed again when I saw them hanging up in the hallway together!

 I love the different colors of oranges that the kids created all by themselves. The eyes and mouth add the finishing touch of goofiness!

Don't you love these?


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