October 02, 2012

Oh my CUPCAKES! (Summer Ceramic Class)


This was one of the projects we made in my summer kid art class- strictly playing with clay! I found the idea of making cupcakes over at Fun Art 4 Kids, but of course changed the process in how we built them. Go here to see more our kid ceramic projects for this class.

(You can also make this project with air-drying clay Crayola Air-Dry Clay, White, 2 1/2 lbs (Google Affiliate Ad) or at your local craft store.)

Here's how we did it:

  • rolled with rolling pin clay slab less than a 1/2" thick and pressed into oversized muffin tins (use plastic in between so you can get the clay out) for the bottom and cut off extra clay
  • used a carving knife to carve vertical stripes for that cupcake liner look


  • rolled with rolling pin another large slab of clay and starting building a top for the cupcake, using a different pinch pot technique
  • hand-rolled little balls for the cherry and some made sprinkles for the top! 
  • after firing one(bisque) time only, we painted the cupcakes with acrylics and sealed with a polyacrylic (I love polyacrylic!)

(6 - 10 years old)

These were so much fun to build (I even made one but it fell and broke :(

So much fun to paint...

So yummy to look at, 
and they will never spoil!

Eat your heart out cupcake lovers

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