August 26, 2011

The WINNERS of the ArTsY - CrAfTy GIVEAWAY are...

I was thrilled to see all of your creative entries via Linky or emailed to me! They are so cool! THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING EVERYONE! I wish I could give each person a gift for every giveaway! 

The Winners for the 

I put all the names in a bowl with all of the extra entries, and one by one (I did have to close my eyes because the names are showing!),  here they are... 

There isn't a drum roll sound... 
just me...

#1 Christy's with her "Upcycling Journal"

#2 Honey Mommy with her "Paint Splatter Party"

and #3 Amber with her "Crafty Paper People"


Don't forget I will be posting their 3 projects each week!


  1. Hooray! I am excited that I won some of your beautiful art greeting cards.

  2. congrats everyone, on winning and having fun being artsy crafty