August 10, 2011


Alright, some of you might have read that I mentioned I wanted to do a CrAfTy-ArTsy CHALLENGE with GIVEAWAYS attached. Yaya, you have to earn this giveaway! 

Now, first off I want you to know that anything will work for my challenge-anything that you (you don't have to have kids to enter either!) or your kids have created that is. MAKE IT SIMPLE, and if you already have one to share/enter, perfect. If not, sweet, make one for the challenge. 

*Please read this so you have an idea of what goes...
You can enter  KID or ADULT crafts or art projects, DIY projects, crafty or artsy tutorials, educational projects, Summer outings with projects, or thrifty, recycled, repurposed, upchucked projects, a tutorial on using an art/craft medium/material with intentions... (sorry, except headbands or barrettes- things like that) Basically, you get my point, right? 

The GIVEAWAY items are 3 of my Art print greeting cards (8 pk) to 
3 lucky people who take on the challenge. 
Names will be drawn on Thursday, Aug. 25th, 2011.

Great let's get started! ... I am elated for any and every entry, so don't be shy!

Challenge & Giveaway Details:

*Share your link to your project at the bottom of this post on Linky
*If you can't post your project on Linky, please email me @ with photo/s and details of how you made it and leave a comment on this post.

Extra Entries:

1 extra *Follow my blog (already here- but you need to be a "follower" ;) 
1 extra *Be a Candice Ashment Art Face Book fan here
1 extra *Share this Giveaway post on your blog
1 extra *Share this Giveaway post on your Face Book 
3 extra *Share and have a friend/s enter challenge/giveaway and tell me your name so I can give you extra entry points!

Remember E-A-S-Y and F-U-N, because I'm going to share them at the end of the month here on the blog! Yippee

simple... simple... simple... simple... simple... you can do it!


Enter here on the bright blue Linky:


  1. Okay, I've done it all: I'm following your blog, I am certainly a fan, I shared this post on my personal website and on Facebook, and I entered my teacup wind chime! Huzzah! This is so much fun!!!

  2. Can't wait to see it Kim!... Did you enter your blog/website or mine (Linky #1 fill in)? the link comes directly back to my blog...

  3. Candice, this was so fun. :) I am following you, posted on my blog, facebook and twitter.

  4. Thanks Christy! I posted a comment on your blog, but it didn't post. Love the vintage book covers. What an amazing idea!

  5. I linkied!
    I follow your blog!
    I'm a Candice Ashment Art Face Book fan!
    I shared this Giveaway post on my blog!
    I shared this Giveaway post on my Face Book!

  6. Last minute entry but I did it. Hooray. I shared this on my blog. I am a face book fan, and I am a follower. Love ya!!!!!

  7. Yay Amber! I loved all of your sewing projects on your blog too! I posted a comment there also :) Good luck!