August 30, 2011

{tutorial} Make your own "mini" Water Color Abstract Murals- Summer Art Class

Wee water color murals (inspired from our Huge Wassily Kandinsky Abstract Mural we made) for the bathroom or small wall space! They can go anywhere. You can make one or a set of 2 or 4 or more. There are endless ideas with these! Just don't be scared to jump in, it's really simple...
(Obviously they need to be framed, I just balanced one on top of the black frame with glass)

Materials Needed:

  • Mod Podge
  • plastic wrap
  • pre-stretched canvas- your choice in size (we used both stretched canvas & canvas on hard board- the hard board is longer lasting-less cracking/flexing)
  • large brush
  • heavy books for stacking/weight/drying
  • your WATERCOLOR circle artwork - cut water color paper rectangles (pre-measured to fit on your own canvas) or you can paint circles with ACRYLIC - my short painting circle tuturial is HERE (Part 1-painting the circles)

I took plenty of photos to give you visual directions so you don't have to read...

After you have cut and measured the water  color paper to fit on your preferred size of canvas, painted them, and they are completely dry... 

(I always like to arrange things to make sure they fit and the color scheme works.)

Apply the Mod Podge a little less generously to the back of the square paper...

Place the square in one of the corners and smooth over with your hand on top of the plastic wrap. The plastic protects the artwork and the books and anything else that wants to stick to the Mod Podge!...

Place heavy books on top of the artwork with plastic wrap and allow at least 15+ mins. for dry time for each application...

You can see I am drying (and smashing) both murals... I usually do at least 2 rectangles at a time...

Almost done...

Okay, now both are completely dry (they dried overnight).  Now I am applying the exterior protective coat to both...

In the photo you can see the thickness of Mod Podge applied. I applied 3 exterior coats to both murals (I like to wait a few extra hours to make sure they are completely dry).

Aren't these cool? You can frame them or paint the edges to finish them up.

Thanks for looking! I love these. Hope you enjoyed and will make one or two yourself or with your kids!


  1. I have canvases that I was not sure what to do with. Now I know. This will be fun to do with my kids and to hang on our wall. Love it!!

  2. Julie, I would love to see it when you're finished!

  3. How fun and bright! I love these!

  4. These are great. I have been thinking about adding some new art to our home and this looks just perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks Vanessa! Send me a photo when you make them! I'd love to see!