February 28, 2013

Kid Art- Dr. Seuss inspired Acrylic Glue Batik Painting

My son drew with pencil on this scrap of canvas almost a year ago (6 yrs. old). As some of you know I've been "nesting" (for a year, or maybe just always) for our 4th baby (due Mar. 10th, eek!) and trying to get "things" out of the way. I've been having problems with our internet, so it's been hard posting lately too.

We finally got around to finishing this batik painting (Go to my Simple Glue Batiking on Canvas {tutorial}). He said it reminded him of Dr. Seuss' books. I would agree! I think Dr. Seuss has more influence with his wonderful nonsense drawings and ideas more than we all realize! So we saved it for Dr. Seuss week. 

Isn't this whimsy?
This is after the glue has been washed off. Now I need to figure out how to frame it... hmmm...

This is before the glue has been washed off. Obviously it's a lot brighter in color but there isn't a lot of detail from his drawing underneath. That's why I love using the glue batiking method! 

Yo Yo Yo Dr.Seuss!

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