May 22, 2012

A Field of Tulips - Hand Art - kindergarten style...

I can't say that it bothers me to get paint on my hands! I love it, and I think the kindergarten kids had a blast too. I am so lucky to be able to come up with art projects for each grade, this one happens to be my son's kindergarten class (80+kids= 80+handprint tulips!).My son's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. S. came up with painting their hands to represent tulips. I think it was a great idea and looks even better in person. 

Starting with the green field field and sky... just wait for the color...

We had a nice assembly line:  Mrs. S. (barefoot) painted the palms of their cute little hands, I held and pressed them on the canvas, the kids painted their own tulip stems and fingerprinted the tulip leaves, then they had help washing their hands...

One class down, 3 more to go! Make a silly face... 

Our tulip field is complete!

Of course... Funny Faces for our tulips... 
(missing 40 + kids-I have yet to post the other 40 of the 80+ kindergarten kids)

Their painting is already hanging in the hall and they will be able to see it next year as they walk to lunch!


  1. I think I am going to do this with my boys!

    1. Sounds great Miriam! Send me a photo when you do!

  2. Beautiful seeing all those adorable handprints!

    p.s.~Love that apron of yours!

  3. Replies
    1. April! Thanks, I love the children's handprints too!

      So good to hear from you! Hope you are doing well and playing with a little clay? How your jewelry creating? I was able to glance at your necklaces and loved them. I need to meet up with you and take a look!

      talk soon,

  4. Good Morning,

    I am looking to start a kids show on youtube called "little People Big Minds".
    I would love to use this for my banner and website background, with your permission of course.

    1. Hi G,
      Thank you for your request! Please email me your request @