May 17, 2012

Birds... Hand Print Art

You know, it's funny, I was talking to someone the other day (could've been myself, I don't remember), and I don't know when I started doing all of this kid art that's coming out. I guess, I just decided there will be a time when I can do my own "adult" art- but now, I'm plunging in, the time is right for my kids' involvement (I would be concentrating on my own projects and wouldn't pay attention to "anything" in the room) ... and with a few other kids added to the equation...

Here is another beautiful handprint project(spotted over at the Craft Nest) for Mother's Day that my kids gave to their grandmas!

I'm loving the birds outside chirping this time of year... even my little noisy birdies in my house... that's all year!


  1. Hello! We shared your birds craft in this post: 15 manualidades para niƱos en primavera

    Thanks for your work!

    1. So happy to see your website! Thank you for sharing. Me gusta el arte de los ninos. Gracias.