March 19, 2012

The "other" Illusional/Delusional Hand Art Project- 3rd grade

My daughter's 3rd grade class had the option between the previous post, illusional hand & line art project or this one shown below (one of my favorites, Art Project for Kids.) 

So here's my optical illusion hand art model... and you should see what they came up with! I love how they are all so remarkably different, even if they tried to copy each other.

The instructions are simple:

  • trace your hand or hands with pencil however you like on paper
  • draw a bull's eye that covers the entire page
  • color each "ring"/circle with only 2 "contrasting" colors (using a color for the hand and the other color for outside of the hand) 

(8 -9 years old)

I absolutely loved how some of the kids got a little distracted and morphed their hands into some of the circles...

Not one is the same, they all came up with a different style and perspective on the hand project... Love it.

One last item: with this hand project, you can document their hand size and age and throw it in your memory book!


  1. Absolutely love this project. This would be way to much fun. So creative or should I say artistic!!

    1. Thanks Julie! This is a really fun hand project for kids. I think younger kids can do it also with a little help from an adult!