March 29, 2012

Painted EGG ROCKS- big & small!

Another rock painting project!
Um... I told you I liked to paint rocks ... with kids! With my mom, when we were younger (much younger), we used to paint rocks with fingernail polish. My husband commented when he spotted the painted rocks, "So we don't have to dye eggs then?" We'll see...

For our little kid art class we brightly painted EASTER EGGS...ROCKS! 

Some are small and some are huge.

I'm not a huge fan of "pastel" Easter.

(age 22 months old - 9 years old)

 (3 years old)            (6 years old)

 (6 years old )

(22 months old ----->)

Super easy art project for toddlers to paint (in their highchair)!

(6 years old)

A few simple techniques we used:

  •   First paint a clean white "rock" canvas, let dry, and use your desired paint & design express the true paint color (*to eliminate the dark rock underneath).

  • Make stripes or designs by using blue "painter's tape" (doesn't rip off the paint).
  • Paint your desired stripe color. Take off tape after paint has dried.
  • Use your finger tips dipped in paint to create polka dots!
  • To protect and shine, paint exterior with Mod Podge (for indoor display) and a polycrylic (for exterior display-brush cleans easy with soap and water).

We are going to display them outside on our porch and around our house! 
Create and Give...


  1. It was fun to see you tonight! I love the rocks. I have always loved rocks and paint. Your daughter looks so cute with her tongue slightly out as she focuses on painting. :)

    1. It was wonderful to see you and your daughter also! Yes, my baby girl is more interested in painting than all of my children have been at that age-scary! She loves painting! See you soon!

  2. my daughter has been talking about painting rocks for days, but we never thought to paint the rocks white first. She's going to love this tip!

  3. My son loves rocks and he loves painting. Now we'll have to search for some egg shaped rocks - even more fun to be had. Thanks for sharing the idea!

    1. You're welcome! My kids love painting rocks too.

  4. I love the brightness and shine of these rocks. The white base coat and the shiny top coat are both great tips. What type of paint did you use for the colors?