August 05, 2011

Make your own sEa cReAtUrEs MOBILE {sort of Tutorial} - Summer Art Class

Hanging mobiles are so cool... I want one in my room too...

The Simple Materials I Used:
  • TULLE MATERIAL --  (any color/s you fancy!)
  • WOODEN CIRCLE/embroidery hoop -- (or anything circular you can paint and hang)
  • ACRYLIC PAINT  -- (any color you fancy also!)
  • HOT GLUE -- (to adhere the tulle to the hoop for hanging)
  • sEa cReAtUrE drawings -- (I used clear adhesive sheets on both sides to protect artwork and make sturdy. Or instead of clear sheets, apply 3 coats of Modge Podge on both sides.)
  • SMALL HOLE PUNCH -- (or large needle) In order to hole & string up and attach each drawing.
  • THREAD/ string/clear fishing line 

Quick steps below...

I always look at directions and visuals to recreate an object/recipe and then change it however I/we fancy, feel free to change it up for kids or yourself!
  • We painted the wooden hoop a solid color and let it dry. 
  • Then painted black or white circles on the hoops.
  • Next we cut the tulle into 4 strips (cut them the length of your "hang liking") and hot glued them (preferably middle of length) to the inside of the hoop and tied them in a knot to hang (look at the photos for reference -I'm all about visual instruction!)
  • The tulle is really great for attaching thread (thread a needle to make it easy to get the string through the holes of the tulle) and space your string where ever you want to hang your drawings/objects
  • Punch your holes into drawings, string up, and tie. You're pretty much complete, just takes a while to get them all up!

......................  ......................  .....................  ......................

Click here to see the sEa cReAtUrE drawings we created for this hanging mobile project!

I will be posting 2 other sEa cReAtUrE hanging mobiles shortly!(go here to see the rest #3 & #4 mobiles)

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