June 12, 2016

Always Fly High {Hot Air Balloon tutorial}

When I was a kid my family went to a hot air ballon festival. Many brightly colored balloons dotted the blue sky... The sight was awesome, I will never forget it. I remember begging to ride in a hot air balloon. I didn't get to though. 

I don't think I want to ride in a hot air balloon now...
I am content to look up at them from below (I'm more chicken of heights now that I'm older).

Here's a simple charcoal tutorial on how our 4th-graders drew their balloons. Charcoal is one of my favorite mediums for all ages. It is smooth and soft, can create lines & shapes fast as lightning, and the final image is just cool looking almost always.

 Try it out if you haven't already. Dare you. You'll just get a little messy, that's all. I used the drawing steps from The Lost Sock 

{Charcoal Hot Air Balloon Tutorial}

You will Need:
  • charcoal sticks (various thicknesses if desired)
  • paper
  • rubber eraser

1 - Draw a quick line down the middle and draw a circle. 2 - Draw "pumpkins lines", less space between lines as you go further towards back of the balloon. Draw "pancakes."

 3 - Finish connecting lines to the "pancakes, and the opening to balloon.  4 - Add shading and details. 

From this...

To this! Makes you want to jump in one and head up into the clouds...

Each balloon has unique personality and detail even though the instructions are the same.

Always fly high. . .

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