February 12, 2016

PRESIDENTS' DAY art project Part 1: Thomas Jefferson {Collaborative Collage Tutorial}

This is an excellent collaborative art project for Presidents' Day! We created Abe Lincoln {Newspaper Abe tutorial here} a few years back, and then added to our collection George Washington & Thomas Jefferson recently. We had about 80+ kids contributing to make each of them. 

This was an amazing art project to participate in with the students. They were able to reflect on history and words that represent our country.

We entered the presidents in a contest and won a prize!

We are representing our 2nd Grade 
Madison Country Patriot Contest. 

Thomas Jefferson on the
Declaration of Independence

Tutorial for Jefferson on Paper:

overhead projector
president image on transparency paper
numerous copies of The Declaration of Independence
clear tape
canvas  stretched or wood board (for the image to adhere and hang on wall)
black permanent marker
heavy books
plastic cling wrap
large brush

1- Please refer to the tutorial of Newspaper Abe Here to get an idea of how the images are copied onto the paper and the adhering process.

2- I used this Declaration of Independence and this image of Thomas Jefferson.

3- I lightly taped the paper together on the back side so the tape would not show on the final image.(Notice I did print on different shades of paper, hence the lighter area of the face)

4- I turned over Thomas Jefferson and randomly cut into strips and then into rectangle shapes. I cut around 90 shapes so each student and teacher would be able to color their own. 

5- Just like in creating Abe, I numbered the backside of each paper in order (1-90) so I could easily arrange Thomas back together. 

6- Students created designs and colored with crayons on their shape of paper.

7-  I sparingly taped the backside of shapes into strips, taping the numbers in order.

8- Flipped it over and used Mod Podge to adhere the strips (easier in strips than the whole image) onto the wood board until image was complete!

9- I use polyacrylic, which is a non-yellowing clear layer and is stronger than Mod Podge, for a top coat on the image. 

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