January 05, 2016

*Kid-Friendly* and Adorable FELT Nativity ORNAMENTS

I know this is a little late after Christmas but I had to share. I have been totally digging "felt anything" for about a year now. I made these little felt babies and put them in our Christmas 25-day advent calendar. Inside each advent pocket for each day we had a New Testament Bible scripture leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ and a small gift. My kids happily received their baby Jesus's! 

Each Christmas in our family we have tried to make small gifts for each other. My kids seem to cherish those presents more than the store-bought ones. 

I made these as Nativity baby Jesus ornaments, but they could be little babies to play with year-round. I found the image on Marie Claire Idees and created my own pattern. Not very hard to draw egg-shaped babies :)

I wanted to make a soft nativity this Christmas. Did I already mention I'm in love with felt DIY? I found this simple FELT NATIVITY at What Madeleine Loves and altered it a little bit. But you can download her free pattern here. This is a perfect sewing project for 5 years old and up. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Happy Y2K16!

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