May 08, 2013

REDUCE*REUSE*RECYCLE... Bottle Lids Wall Art {DIY}

So to end our EARTH MONTH celebration, one 1st-grade class helped me make this bright & colorful artwork to hang on their school wall.  And what's amazing is that they were able to help collect "trash" to create it for almost nothing! Here's a smaller lid art version for those that do not want to cover half of your wall with lids.

This big ol' pretzel jar was filled up with lids at least 2 times...

Yep, lots of lids that the kids and I repurposed. We had fun glueing (heavy duty glue from the hardware store) every lid you can think of - onto a painted, masonite board with a frame for hanging. 

This took almost no time to make and create and every child was able to participate and create a few circle designs... gotta love it.

I knew my hoarding/repurposing would come in handy!



  1. Hi Candice! Just wanted you to know I nominated you for the Liebster Award :) I enjoy your work and your blog!
    Shelly from drip drip splatter splash