September 12, 2012

Gorgeous GLUE BATIK on Canvas! - Summer Art Class

GLUE BATIK ON CANVAS was my favorite summer art project with the kids, and the kids had to give it their all! 

This art class consisted of 18 kids (5 years - 10 years old) and 5 days of ART PROJECTS...

For the first Summer Art Class, we had an art show where they were able to show their parents all of their own & other students' artwork and then take theirs home. It was so busy, I was lucky to get photos! 

Follow this link for:

 Paintings drying on the rack after the glue has been washed off the canvas (in my new art studio!)

 Our fun little art show before the "crowds" came!

And now... The Artwork! (almost all)

Amazing Glue Batik

Amazing Art

Amazing Kids

An Amazing Summer

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