July 10, 2012

oil pastels with watercolors (doodle shapes)! - Summer Art Class

I wanted the kids to have a fun experience and be comfortable with oil pastels and watercolors together. The two mediums are absolutely lovely as a pair! 

I challenged the kids (ages 5-10 years old) to just "doodle" and makes shapes touch and lines cross over each other (or maybe you could say...  "nonobjective art!").  

A lot of them had a hard time just doodling, they wanted to "draw" detail, but the end result is gorgeous. Most of them chose their "doodle art" for their final project to "frame on canvas"--> (A Beautiful Way to Display Artwork post).

Also, see our other oil pastel & water color project from our Summer Art Class.

  • First they did a pencil drawing on water color paper.
  • Then they traced their drawing with a variety of oil pastels.
  • Last they water colored inside the shapes to make the colors pop!

 They are just amazing!




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    1. Yes, they enjoyed it more than they initially thought too!