April 20, 2012

*Reduce *Reuse *Recycle - Repurpose Material- Zipper Mouth & Rabbit

The Zipper Mouths

 The Rabbit

I couldn't help but post these 2 projects for EARTH MONTH from repurposed  materials. The special story about them is that the wool material is from my grandmother (86 years old and still quilting!) that she has collected since she was a girl. She has been saving and quilting with her and her sister's skirts, coats, shirts, pants and other random material. For a while she was reluctant to give the "scraps" to me, but after she was sure she was finished with all of her projects (how many years was that again?) she handed the few bags of material to me. What a great example she is.

Just where did it all come from? I love stories behind story...

I created these for my kids & family members- by making up my own patterns (so what I'm saying is, I don't have a pattern to pass on to ya!).

The Zipper Mouths:
wool & polyester material- from my grandmother (86 years old, remember?)
pok a dot material- from my daughter's baby blanket (her grandmother)
silver buttons- from my mother
zippers- from my old pants

The Rabbit:
wool material (body)- again from my grandmother
hand made pink flower- button from an Asian shirt from my other grandmother
button eyes- from my mother's button stash
wood button nose- from my button stash
purple rick rack- from my friend's stash

Share your ideas always!

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


  1. So funny about the bunny. I totally see it now but I think it has more personality this way.

    1. Yes, funny looking bunny, but it works right Amber?