March 14, 2012

SNEAK PEEK- Capture your child's drawing with glue batiking

I have so many projects "in the works" for some reason or another, that I thought I'd show one of them. 

Glue batiking has been really popular in my "kid art studio." I had the kids draw with pencil on canvas material. Then I traced their drawings with clear glue. And recently they painted on top of their drawings.

I will be showing the step-by-step process in a later post. Right now they are drying and waiting to be washed so that the glue will rub away and we will see a crisp(somewhat) outline of their drawing from underneath...

You can see the shimmery glue outlines on the paintings if you look really close ...

(6 years old)

(9 years)

(6 years)

(3 years)

 Can't wait to see them stretched on a frame!


  1. I LOVE this idea, and want to do it for my kids room! It would look awesome to have some bright kid canvases hanging up. Love seeing all your doing!

    1. Thanks Shalae! Send me photos when you do, I'd love to see. Send me any links or photos of your artwork too :)