March 07, 2012

A little "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" book dedication to my husband's 35th birthday!

You know, sometimes, just the simple things make my day. Today my best friend turned 35 years old. I knew he'd appreciate this little story in:

My husband reminds me of Eeyore at times... 

But not the part at the beginning of the book when Eeyore looks at his reflection in the water and says, "Pathetic" - although, that is hilarious too.

I read this with my wee one this morning, her choice.

Read along below what Pooh and Piglet are going to do for Eeyore's birthday:


Come on, you think that is hilarious too! I love Eeyore. 
(I love the scribble drawings by Ernest H. Shepard too)

To my husband: Thank you for always being grateful and creative with what you have just like Eeyore! I love ya! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend! 
We'll see you when you get home!

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