February 02, 2012

ArtPalooza week- day 3 - TREE BRANCH & BIRD Hanging Mobile (Tutorial)

The Sparkly-Funky Hanging Bird Mobile
by "K"

This is one of my favorite projects that my fun young art student K. (14 years old) has created. We start with initial project ideas, and then she just explodes with additional creative ideas...

Tutorial : Here is how she did it...

Making the birds (squawk!) :
  • water color
  • water color paper
  • pencil (for drawing birds/objects)
  • felt tip pen (outlining)
  • glitter paper (adhere to make double sided shapes for birds)
  • 527 glue (adhere glitter paper together & birds onto glitter paper)
  • X-Acto knife (cut out birds and glue onto glitter paper to silhouette)
  • (optional) clear adhesive/contact paper (protect bird drawings)

Making the twisty wire branch thingy : 
  • wire
  • pliers (to help with twisting)
  • (optional) spray paint (silver, gold, black, brown-sometimes the wire isn't that pretty)
  • green glitter paper (for leaves)
  • scissors
  • 527 glue
  • string/thread (attaching birds to branch & branch to ceiling)
  • thumb tacks (hang from ceiling)

Start by forming your base length and thickness of desired branch and then twist around it and create loops and get creative! 

(Sorry, I don't know the thickness of the wire, it was extra I had from another project. Any sturdy wire will work. You can see from the photos how thick ours is.) 

K. is adhering the glitter paper leaves to wire with 527 glue 
(hot glue just doesn't cut it)

Add string for hanging!


hanging with tacks...

Meet the BIRDS!...

Isn't she amazing? Love the birds!

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