January 10, 2012

My current project... the ART of sheet rock, mudding & texturing!

We've moved! 
Yes, we finally moved into a wee house and the basement needed to be finished with a master suite and bathroom attached and my art/multi-purpose room.

During the Christmas break (1 week), my very nice & willing father-in-law flew in from Texas (with my mother-in-law) to build & tile our bathroom...

My hubby worked on it too, when he wasn't at work.
My brother-in-law came to help also.
My sister-in-law & kids came to watch.
My brother and his family came to see. 
My parents stopped by too.

Family Event, eh?

What you are about to see are horrible photos taken from my phone :)
building the shower walls and plumbing............adding the potty room

5 x 5' shower base floor drying... next to it is my fav glass tile along my walls and in my shower!

The bathroom tile (shower, floor & walls) is finished! 

We have yet to sheet rock, mud and texture our room now! 
My father-and-law left :( ....

My hubby likes to dance in between working....

 My husband went back to work... now it's me, the mud, and the walls... 

1 layer down... 3-4 more to go(uggggg), and then the texturing


Conclusion and thoughts about my mudding skills... 
I am not skilled at sheetrocking, mudding, and yet to find out about texturing. I am highly impressed with people who can, looks smooth, and can get it done faster than 
Candice The Turtle! 


This is my sad(now sad, happy later), future little art room... I will update you with the start to end photos!

Hope you enjoy this more than me!


  1. You say your camera is bad on your phone, but i say that i am so fast at working that your camera doesn't stand a chance at capturing me :)

  2. The bathroom is beautiful! That is a ton of work. It will be so nice to have it all finished. :)

    1. Thanks LaPriel! I need to come by your house soon. :)

    2. I will be gone for 10 days beginning this Saturday. Headed to California again! :) My sister in law is coming with me.

  3. Thanks, I love our small bathroom with our huge tiled shower! Can't wait until our bedroom is complete!

  4. Candice, I was so excited to come across your blog the other day. It made me wish we could come to your new place for some brownies and an episode of "Lost".

  5. Your old neighbor from Corvallis. We lived in #1.

  6. Ahhh... Laurie and Matt! How are you? Where are you at? I hope all is well!

  7. We are doing well. We have two kids now and we are still in TX.

    1. Good to hear! You guys are great! We had good times with you...
      This blog just sort of came about and it is fun for me to keep track my life in a few aspects :)

  8. Well Candice, long time no chat. I was going to email you but, don't seem to be able to find one for you via this blog or FB. So I was wondering if you would share with me why you guys chose to leave OR and what made you choose to be where you are now and how you're liking it. We will probably be moving this summer and I'm just trying to get different views to help us make the best decision. If you want you can email me at blu_sol@yahoo.com. Thanks, nice tiling by the way.