December 01, 2011

Thanksgiving with Family in Montana... beauty eh?

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We headed with my Hubby, and our 3 kids, Papa (Grandma stayed home for R & R), and my lil' sis to Kallispell, MT, to have Thanksgiving with family. We were pleasantly surprised with...
 (all taken with a phone camera, sorry!)

Gorgeous and enormo Flathead Lake...

 View of Flathead Lake from the cabin dining room... 

 Sledding on the wee bit of snow/ice on the mountain top driveway...

An old building on the drive home... I love rustic buildings.

And yes, we made it home safely! 



  1. I love Flathead lake! I saw it for the first - and only time - in 2005. I keep thinking we will go back there and stay in one of the yurts at the state park.

    That old building is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing.

    I hope your move is going great.

  2. Oh, have you been to the Museum of America that is in that area? Your kids would love!