October 12, 2011

Make your own quirky pumpkin rock art for Halloween...

I find these rock pumpkins hilarious. Everyone paints rocks for holiday crafts... so nothing new. My kids actually found and painted them when they were 2 1/2 and 5 years old. We used window paint sticks, so it wasn't messy at all. It's cheap, we repurposed rocks, and crafty all in one.
Anyway, they make super quirky pumpkin art for Halloween, perfect for little ones! 

Super Simple Materials Needed:
- flat rocks
- wood board
- black paint
- super strong glue (ceramic adhesive would work: I used hot glue, cold weather pops them off)
- window paints (no mess with brushes!) found at your local craft store. I absolutely LOVE these window paints for toddlers...

Have fun painting rocks!


  1. Absolutely love this art project. Perfect for young children. We will definitely be doing this!!

  2. Thanks Bryanna and Julie, aren't they so funny?

  3. My boys love rocks and painting what a great combination thanks for sharing!

  4. Simply wonderful Halloween fun! We are always collecting rocks and never thought of painting them as pumpkins...cute idea!

  5. Your kids are artists! I adore what they've done with these rocks. I say they are rock stars! Haha! My favorite is the white one. It looks like a ghost saying, "Boo!"

    1. Yes, the ghost rock is my favorite also! Thanks Rolly!