April 18, 2011

greeting card sneak peak!

Initially I wanted to "test the waters" with one card, but I couldn't/didn't want to narrow it down to one card. These aren't even the official proofs, but I thought I'd share. I'll let you know when they will be available! I am so excited!

Each card will be accompanied with a beautiful, recycled "brown bag" envelope. (Once again, I have taken these photos with my phone...I am becoming a phone camera expert, he he he)


  1. I think you should make both available--I know I'm always looking to buy "sets" of cards as gifts, and it would be nice to have a variety. I LOVE them by the way! :)


  2. Most favorite is the stairs, BUT I love them both!!!

  3. If I have to pick, I like the bridge, but I favor the gift set idea also.

  4. Thanks everyone! I like mixing them up too. Hopefully I will be able to add a few more to the collection...