February 23, 2011


a whimsical depiction of a small hillside neighborhood in Chile.

created from the historical town of Sitka, Alaska.

I will be giving 2 art prints, Pueblo in Temuco and The Marina, reproduction prints (not originals), double-matted, 8" X 10" ready to frame for the GIVEAWAY.

Here are the GIVEAWAY details:

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EXTRA Entries:

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2 lucky winners will be drawn and posted March 15th! You can chose either print and color of mat.

Game on!

*******View GIVEAWAY WINNERS HERE*********


  1. Put a shout-out post for you on my blog!

  2. I did all three steps! I love the colors, they are beautiful prints!

  3. This is beautiful!!! I love them all. I did all three steps and I liked you on my etsy site. Thanks girl!

  4. Candice,
    Did you finish your school house from last year? I would love to see it.
    There is another cool one you might like to see. It sits out in the farm land. Here is the address:
    800 N 3600 E Off US route 32. West of Drummond.

    I like your art work. It would be fun to see it in person sometime.


  5. Hi LaPriel! Thanks for visiting my blog! I never got to finish it. That's about when I had to take a break from creating messes in my house because there isn't enough room...so when I move in 2 months I will have two spaces in my house to "create" :)

    I'll show you my artwork when we've moved and it out :) Viewing online is very difficult to see how tactile they are. Keep in touch