August 30, 2010


Long time no see Blog- It's about time.

I have been enthralled by this old school house every time I have driven by it. I can't believe someone hasn't torn it down, but I'm glad, it has something captivating that doesn't exist with buildings anymore. Finally, I decided to take pictures of it after two years of gazing at it during each drive by. It's not exactly "my secret find" either. It's right on a main road, but still, nonetheless my attention is on it until I finish a collagraph print with it's name all over it. Can't wait!

Keep checking up on my blog if you would like to see a few sketches of the upcoming school house print.

1 comment:

  1. I have been delayed for a few weeks on drawings and printing! Don't give up hope on me if you wish to see the end result, keep checking in!