July 01, 2010

More Personal - LIFE as a MOTHER and ARTIST

As if I wasn't busy already . . .

I've been a little distracted the last few months with a new addition and responsibility in my and my family's life. I was blessed with an adorable little baby girl. Life was somewhat put on hold for a while as we adjusted (sleep) to this sweet little person. Now it seems as if she was always with us. She is adored and smothered by her older sister and brother.

Sometimes I can feel overwhelmed with all of the daily tasks of being a mother and putting off art projects . But when I take a few moments to pause, which lately I need to do more often, I unexpectedly acknowledge my daily inspiration from just experiencing my life. Some of my colors schemes are inspired from a colorful meal, or page in a magazine, or walk to the park, or sorting through old photos - the list goes on and on.

Like most people, all of my thoughts and ideas come from memories or current life stimuli. Although my day seems extremely occupied with distractions, I should feel lucky that I have so much around me, so much inspiration.

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