February 21, 2010

Trip to Wales and England-UK

Cardiff Bay, Wales- Perched on the edge of the bay, this ornate building is one of the many extraordinary sites we visited in Wales. Since I lived in Cardiff over 11 years ago, the bay area has been completed flooded with new buildings and shopping malls :( This is one of the last cool buildings at the bay.

My husband and I were very lucky to stay with good friends in Wales. They drove us all over Wales and England. Good people, good food, good memories. Miss 'em!

STONEHENGE! -- is incredible to visit to actually see in person...but not enough to pay $20 to get 20 feet closer. You can't touch it, just walk along a sidewalk 15-20 ft. from the stones. We just stayed on this side of the fence-for free...

Here is the monumental TINTERN ABBEY skeleton. This was a sweet morning with the sun shining through!

We visited amazing castles and abbeys in Wales: Cardiff Castle (old & new), Caerphilly Castell, Castle Coch, St. Faggans Cathedral, Llandaf Cathedral, Bath Abby, and the great Tintern Abby. All slightly different styles, but mainly built in the 1100-1200's. The shapes, styles, colors and aging was very intriguing and inspiring. My husband took so many photos, we could publish a book.

This stained glass is from inside the CARDIFF CASTLE. I absolutely admire stained glass works. Some are of simple design, but have a beautiful affect with light.

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